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Growth, Hiring, and Profitability in 2024

When people ask me about SVIP, I often describe it as a company that embodies authenticity within the security industry. But what does that really mean? To me, it's about establishing a community of individuals who exemplify transparency and accountability in their actions. Qualities that are often rare to find in today’s industry but are precisely what sets SVIP apart.

Over the past three years, SVIP has experienced growth and momentum within the industry. What began as a mediocre podcast series has evolved into a community of over 2500 end users, providing them with a platform to have a voice in the industry. And if you ask me what makes SVIP unique, it’s the community we've cultivated. A space where consumers can be themselves, network authentically, and engage in meaningful discussions without the pressure of manufacturers or integrators in the mix. It's an environment designed to foster innovation and collaboration, driven by the community's priorities rather than industry associations' agendas. I never claimed to be a podcast professional, content expert, or even a certified publisher. Terms like influencer or thought leader I thought were stupid. But something that I always appreciated is how one’s effort could correlate to finding success. A mindset that has been the driving force behind SVIP's growth and following.

While a few might be aware of this, it's probable that most of you reading this short article do not. With SVIP being a private company, I have a goal of making the company profitable next year. Every dollar the company has made up to this point has been reinvested back into the business. And for those who ask, I've been candid about how we generate revenue; subscriptions, podcasts, and advertising/promotions. While all three streams contribute to our success, the mission goes beyond financial gains. It's about reaching more consumers, creating informative content, while becoming debt-free. 

As we approach 2024, I'm excited to announce that SVIP is on the lookout for individuals with sales experience in the security industry. Revenue is crucial for any company but having the right individuals on the team who can help boost our subscription count, create compelling podcast episodes, and fuel our mission of highlighting end users in the industry is what will propel us forward to reach our end goal. And as we navigate towards financial sustainability, we remain committed to providing a platform that reflects the true essence of the security industry. The home of “Nothing But The Truth”. 

If you share our values, we have an opportunity for you to not only contribute to our success but to be part of a community that values genuine engagement above all else. You can contact for more information. Wishing you all a safe and prosperous Happy New Year!